Mycelium-Based Composite Materials

To reduce plastic waste and carbon emissions
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Oil Based
Mushroom Mycelia Instead of Products
We design and produce composite materials that can completely dissolve in nature in a short time by using fungal mycelia instead of petroleum-based products.
Recycling and Raw Materials
Since we upcycle industrial hemp stalks, agricultural waste and forest waste, we can reduce raw material costs.

100% Biodegradable

Upcycling Agricultural and Forestry Waste Recycled

Home Compostable

Bio-Based Product

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Carbon Emissions
Thanks to the raw materials and production process we use, we are able to contribute to the reduction of the corporate footprint, reduce the carbon tax to be paid and support in achieving sustainability goals.

Raw materials used are carbon negative

Low energy in production, carbon zero

Shipped in adurable way
Composite materials based on cork mycelium are resistant to heat, sound, water and impacts. They are non-flammable.

Impact Resistant

Non-flammability Feature

Heat, Sound, Water Insulation


How Does the Process Work?

Our Supporters

Prototype Studies

The designs we have realized so far with different mushroom species and agricultural/forestry waste materials